Lectures and classes

In Hungarian:

Applied Mathematics (BMETE80SR30)

Reactor Physics I. (BMETE80SR31)

Reactor Physics II. (BMETE80SR37)

Thermal-Hydraulics of Nuclear Reactors (BMETE80AE03/BMETE80BE06/BMETE80AF31)

Thermal-Hydraulics and Reactor Safety (BMETE80MV01)

Thermal-Hydraulics 1. (BMETE80SR04) and Thermal-Hydraulics 2. (BMETE80SR08)

Fundamentals of Nuclear Power Plants (BMETE80AE01)

In English:

Reactor Physics Calculations (BMETE80MF38) – guest lecturer

  • Lecture notes about the SP3 method: download.

Thermal Hydraulics of Nuclear Power Plants (BMETE80MX03) – lecturer